Our approach to real estate investing comes from our understanding of the cyclical nature of real estate and financial markets, a commitment to a long- term value creation philosophy, and a solid financial and operational expertise. Our methodology is based on the vertical integration of asset, property and facility management activities.

We operate in dynamic markets where we invest in high quality assets that offer yield improvements opportunities and substantial capital appreciation potential. Our goal is to add value through active asset management by focusing on our operations-oriented approach. Our track record proves that we are able to deliver value by concentrating on real estate fundamentals such as acquisition, development, construction, facilities management, and financing.

Over the last decades, our real estate has been involved in real estate transactions worth in excess of $9 billion of transaction value across Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas.

Our clients are seeking high-value real estate situations with a focus on core, value-add and opportunistic real estate. We focus on growing our relationships with key investment partners globally who are interested in directly investing significant capital into the real estate sector alongside us or our clients.